Hello, I am Destiny (formerly known as Yui) and I've been playing online TCGs since 2007. I'm sorta addicted to collecting stuff.

The list of TCGs I'm currently playing is at the top of the page. If you want to trade, feel free to use the form on my site, the form on the TCG's site or my forum thread. It's all good!

Old TCGs

Sonzai (closed) | TCG Academy (closed) | Platinum (dead) | Indigo Plateau (dead) | Press Pause (closed) | Gachapon (dead) | Lazarus (dead) | Horcrux (quit) | Credits (quit) | The Five (dead) | Aesthetic Visions (dead) | Mythos (dead) | Chivalry (dead) | Bankai (closed) | Namimori (closed) | Photographs (closed) | Feather Stars (quit) | Erised (dead) | ETC (dead) | RolePlay (closed) | Colors (quit) | Pairings (quit) | Phoenix Down (dead) | Timey Wimey (dead) | TV World (dead) | Rapture (quit) | Geronimo (dead) | Small Screen (dead)